My photographic journey began while in architecture school. I first picked up the camera as a means of documenting buildings and projects for school. I eventually learned that photographs were much more than a simple documentary tool. Through the works of renowned photographers and artists such as Eugène Atget and Margaret Bourke-White I fell in love with photography as a powerful means of artistic expression.

After graduating with a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I joined the United States Army. During this time I traveled the country and around the globe experiencing many things, from the glaciers of Alaska to the darkest swamps of Georgia and North Carolina, or the crowded cities and rural hamlets of Korea. No matter where I went my camera was never far way.

Years later I left the Army to pursue a career as an architect, eventually making my way home to Wisconsin. Here I began to re-explore my artistic vision through the viewfinder. My knowledge of architecture combined with my travels around the world have given me a unique perspective. I believe it is this experience that shapes the images I create. Although I now make my living in architecture my passion for photography is stronger than ever. I have no doubt that I will view the world through the lens of a camera for the rest of my life.

Jeff Weber, 2013

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